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Originally Posted by Falcon16 View Post
I'll say it does offer some barrel versatility but with that said that also means you'll probably see a flood of cheap barrels on expensive markers. Like I figure a hurc or nasty phoon or something with say 2 16 inch DW's with inserts would look awesome but then you might get guys that blew their wad on the build and can't afford to buy a higher end barrel so they use what they have and I gotta say Black Rain I can see where you're going and at least you picked silver so it looks tasteful with the brass I'd hate to see if your freak barrel was blue or red or some other anno it would look hideous.

I think personally I'd probably just get a .685 with wedgits and that'd do never had an issue with palmers fixed barrels ever. If I were to go with a cocker threaded build I'd probably order a custom barrel from an airsmith to match it. Brass freak barrel with full brass insert set then the outside would be wrinkled black powdercoat.
Palmers will probably make you a matching freak bored brass barrel.
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