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I had heard something about Camp, that they were moving across the rail road tracks due to land issues. I posted on their FB page early this summer asking if they were open and no one posted back, no activity since, I'm afraid they might be done. I've always said they could have done a lot more business if they advertised, but alas.

PNL has been pretty good lately, but like any field the players make or break it. I played there yesterday, I will say the refs. they had working were great and top of all safety issues all day. Just towards the end of the day a group of cheating wiper showed up, but we made sure to keep them honest. My only complaint is that sometimes it gets too busy there and you get 50 v 50 and there is just cases of paint in the air at all time and it's just not as much fun. But overall it's run well. Also, if you can afford it, get the case of Valken Redemption for $75 with the all day entry that is some great paint, consistently a snug fit in my .685 freak, flies straight and breaks great...
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