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I mean the salesguy was a bit of an ***. But the fault does lie on your mom. My mom never purchases into electronics after about a month of research, reviews, calling around, talking to various reps at different places. So your mom was trying to buy something she had no knowledge on and made the mistake of buying stuff she didn't need. I heard the best analogy for this. People think salesmen are like doctors watching out for our best interests and telling when we should really be cutting back on meat, while salemen are actually butchers they are trying to sell you the meat. They will always tell you that its good meat and try to sell you on it. A butcher won't tell you, hey you are starting to pick up some weight maybe cut back on the meat. So I mean honestly the fault relies entirely on your mom, she swiped the card, she signed the contract, and she bought it. It not Verizon's fault she chose to be a misinformed buyer. She never had to buy anything on the spot. She could have gone home and done some research. There was no rush to buy it.
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