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I had a similar experience this summer. It wasn't a commercial field, as such, but it was the first time I'd played in at least two years, if not three or more.

We haven't had a commercial- or even "organized outlaw"- field in my area in years, so I had my doubts. I figured it'd all be kids used to playing in backyards with little or no rules, etc.

I was rather surprised. The organizer paid some attention, and the reffing was done by a local team down from the city. Teams were well split- and often shuffled- as to player skill and equipment level, gog and bag rules pretty well enforced, etc.

The neutral zone was a tad closer to the playing area than I'd have preferred (about 75-80 feet from the edge of the field, no netting) but that was in part due to the terrain (sort of a terraced parking area.)

No one complained about getting yelled at about the goggles (and there was surprisingly little of that) there was minimal overshooting despite a fair number of higher end markers along with the usual Tippies and Spyder clones, and I saw no indications of cheating.

And now there IS a new commercial field just opening, so I'm finally looking forward to playing more, next summer.

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