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Originally Posted by Manning View Post
Just found this. Thought about a price yet?
not yet

Carter took the DFK out for its first game:

Fall Castle 2012 Photo thread

There are a bunch of small issues to deal with. The valve body was a scrap leftover from the last run of DSP frames that I fixed up to be good enough for testing. It had a small leak from the rear frame screw hole because I forgot what I was doing and drilled it all the way through to the valve porting. "Slight" meaning it took about 5 minutes to drain a 12 gram lol.

There was much burping so its definately getting a hard stop for the pump stroke.

Combined with the burping (ie forced roll outs) and standard roll outs it definately needs a freaked barrel. Detent rings might do it, but they probably arent going to cut it if you want to play with a short barrel.

Oh and its also getting a return spring. I was planning on one, I just didnt have one to put it.

Even with the issues, Carter had a blast playing with it!
DSGs are in stock
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