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It really has a lot to do with the ref's.

This will equal a better play experience.. in my experience. So if the ref's:
  • Really really explain the rules with conviction. Especially to Rentals.
  • Make sure that every new player that walks on the field knows the rules too.
  • Stay consistent with the rules.
  • Walk the field constantly during play.
  • When you tell players they will sit out a game if they lift their mask, or come off the field without their BBD in place, make them site out a game. Don't just let them slide.
  • Split the teams evenly, based on amount of players, and observed skill level.
  • Use some sort of colored tape to define teams.
  • Once you have a good split of teams, keep them instead of always switching it up. (only switch when necessary.
  • Most important. Really stress fair play, and courtesy amongst players.

Play will be good.

When the ref's are lazy and don't do their job and just hang out, or they don't explain the rules well, or don't tell every one, that's when play gets loose.

When I started playing paintball, the local field I played at they were really good at explaining the rules, and not only did all the ref's explain the rules well, they all explained it the same way. So it was consistent.

I have seen ref's that stand on the side lines and basically watch, and that's when things happen that are not completely good play. If there are a couple of people in a bunker, and tons of fire on that bunker by the other team, the ref should be on a B line for that bunker to paint check. You shouldn't always have to yell paint check. Ref should always be close to where the most action is.

Also, when colored tape is not used, that also creates problems between teams... Who is on my team? especially if they keep mixing up teams. It doesn't matter so much if every one playing is a group, experienced and knows each other, but if it's all walk on, you need tape.
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