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Yes, that is a joke ---->
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Originally Posted by Side-Swipe View Post
Its analogy. Stop trolling and move along.
And a terrible one.

The goal of all three are to keep you happy. The doctor that keeps making patients mad by offering medicines and advise they did not want isn't going to have any patients. Likewise the butcher and salesman that sell you things that doesn't make you happy aren't going to be selling things for long.

I have a doctor acquaintance. His mother despises him because she thinks that he does not treat her properly and won't give her medication she says she needs, while other people he treats get a lot of meds. Speaking with him, he says that most patients just want a quick fix, they don't care about how potentially bad the drugs can be. So he can either prescribe drugs to keep them happy. Or have them go somewhere else where they might get overmedicated and be far worse in the long run. He told me that he can't and won't prescribe his own family meds just to keep them happy and he knows his mother won't go to other doctors.
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