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Let's just say you had a $500 budget.

You could either get a new Empire Axe (great gun) or a used Ego7-9 (also great guns). Both have their strengths and weaknesses; but both also have great customer service. That would be my personal recommendation. Bob Long and MacDev both build fine guns as well...but I feel like the customer service of Eclipse is a notch (or two) above. Also...for that same $500 you could get a used Axe and still have enough for a tank and food for thought.

However, I also own an A1 Fly and love the gun very much. Customer service is mostly non-existent now...but there's a large enough community, plus fixmyangel and pbsports to provide you with (some) parts.

If you have an unlimited budget...well then, the sky is the limit.
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