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Originally Posted by Tenet View Post
Opinion on 8.0 so far:

Rest in Peace Panzer IV - too bad I can't move my 100% camo crew away from the german line... perhaps it will convert to a TD or a medium.

Currently grinding the US and Soviet Medium lines - enjoying the M4A3E2 and KV-13.
Somehow can't run the game maxed without occasional FPS-sluggishness at close-quarters - but at slightly reduced settings it's quite awesome.

The new physics and graphics are overall great - on certain maps they open up the game significantly, allowing for much more tactical flexibility. Love that.

If gold-ammo wasn't there, and some of the premiums were looked at in terms of bully-tanking, and some of the randomness was taken out from the Penetration rolls - I would start calling WoT a good game.
Move your Pz4 crew to the 3601, get the upgraded L70, and start using it like the old Pz4. My friend has been saying that since they balanced the Pz4, the 3601 is now the new powerhouse sniper of the German tier 6.

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