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Pickled goods and night before

Originally Posted by Bagels View Post
Don't get scurvy!

If I do decide to come, I will do my best to bring some more taco dip and possibly some homegrown pickled goods.

If I miraculously camp out, I will see what I can do for fun brews.
Not too spicy on the pickled goods. Want to make sure everyone is structurally sound the next morning

If anyone is interested in a Texas Hold 'Em Game Sat. night let me know. I figure $10 max buy in (if you go broke you are out). Trying to keep it inexpensive like last year (I lost).

Personally I like to sit around the fire and chat.

Fireworks - LEAVE AT HOME

My cell # is 860 712 0664 if you have any questions.

Food - Super Stop and Shop is 10 minutes away so don't sweat it if you forget anything.

Again, please bring water!
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Always use tick spray if you play! Lyme disease is no fun.

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