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Game update:
1) Rich's big gas grill is kaput, and he will not be bringing it. I know at the last camp out several folks were using it, so please plan accordingly.

2) NO FIREWORKS!!! - The last thing we need is to ruin our good standing with Strategy Plus, and fireworks are specifically not allowed by them. The possibility of having to deal with the East Hampton PD, FD or pissing off the management by annoying nearby neighbors is not what I want to deal with. I'm sure we'll be fine with poker, cigars, drinking and the usual paintball camaraderie. If you have any fireworks, please leave them at home.

3) Game day Lunch - Strategy usually has pizza delivered for lunch on game day. I think they charge per slice, but I bring my own so I'm not positive. As Strategy has multiple groups booked that day, it might be wise to bring your own lunch so you're not dependent on when they schedule a delivery. I know some folks missed out on a game last time because they were waiting on the pizza delivery.

4) Weather - I'm not going to bother looking at the "forecast" until after 11am on Saturday morning. If Sunday looks good, then the game goes on, as well as the camp out regardless of the weather on Saturday night. If the weather is bad on Saturday night we can always party under the big pavilion - which we do anyway.

If we do need to postpone the game due to weather I WILL POST HERE, AND ON FB LETTING EVERYONE KNOW BY NOON ON SATURDAY. If the weather looks good I won't bother posting - just show up as usual.
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