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Well, I went to Crutchfield and I have to give them props! I ordered a cheap radio from dual, a wiring harness and a mounting kit (faceplate adapter). wen I got it I started looking into the wiring and realised they sent me the wrong harness. I made a phone call to them and in a matter of minutes they had the correct harness found and shipped to me free of charge. I got it the next day and they didn't even ask for the incorrect one back.

Things went reasonably well once I had the wiring figured out (wiring diagram for my 26 year old truck was the issue) I realised one of my speakers was not even hooked up at the speaker. I fixed that, but it eventually failed permanently.

Sunday I ordered some 4" speakers from them to replace my dash speakers and got them 50% off ( got in on the last day of the sale) and when they arrived today they included all the literature and mounting brackets I needed for free! They even sent me 2 pigtail plugs to hook them up, which unfortunately will not work with my truck; but they were free! I'll hang on to them for use later when I install rear speakers.

Crutchfield was a great recommendation and they gave me GREAT service. Thanks for sending me there! I am no longer forced to listen to radio Disney (unless, of course, my kids are in the car.)
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