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Talking New mag owner! PTP Micromag RT

Hello MCB!

My first post in this forum, and happy to be a new owner of an AGD marker. Ever since my first time playing paintball almost 13 years ago, I have wanted an Automag and an Autococker. These two markers were the pinnacle of performance mechanical markers at the time, when Shockers and Angels (among other electrics) were just starting to transform the sport.

So, what started as a failed attempt in bidding on an ICE Epic, resulted in a continued search for an older and less frequently seen gun.
I haven't received the Mag yet (should be here 10/03/12), but until then here are some pictures from the previous owner. When it arrives I'll do a shooting video with it and the rest of my collection.

Check back again for a link to the FOR SALE section of the forum, where I'll be selling a Shocker Sport S/F, Dynasty Shocker, Shocker SFT, RAINMAKER, and Spyder Compact Java Edition.


Here are the eBay pictures. More pictures (that I took), as well as a shooting video, can be found further down in this thread!

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