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Originally Posted by DevilMayCare View Post
Do you just do work on fixed blades? Or would you be able to replace the panels on a folder?

I have an old folder that was my dad's that I dropped from a ladder a few years ago. The panels completely shattered away so I have just had it in a drawer.

It's just an old three blade folder (old timer style) but it has a lot of sentimental value to me and being able to carry it again would be fantastic.

Hit me up if it's something you could work on. Thank you!
Sorry bro.. not something I would be comfortable doing at this time. Folders can be there own separate beast depending on how they were put together and I'm just not ready to do that kind of work.

As to projects in the cue.... Got these parts in last week.. this is going to be a gift for a friend. I have some Amboyna Burl on the way for the handle.

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The oval disks are 1/16" nickle silver, between them and the guard will go the nylon fiber in blue and yellow. I'll be attempting to use a piece of 5/16" rod that will be drilled and tapped as the tang nut.

I'll post up more pics as this one slowly proceeds. There is a LOT of work that will go into this knife, from filing the sides of the thread-all on the tang to shaping the guard and spacers (disks and fiber) before I even get to working with the wood.

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