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What kind of delrin bolt do you have? I generally find that o-rings, even with delrin bolts, will help. It you keep them greased/lubed they'll last you 10k shots. Of course many people do not lube their o-rings regularly, especially those with o-rings on delrin (the whole "self lubricating" delrin thing is somewhat counter productive). For instance, with the new empire sniper, some have had problems when they've removed their bolt's o-rings (or even just one of them), while others don't seem to have. So it's really up to you, although...

I always suggest using them. Just keep em lubed! (they wear much fast if you don't keep em lubed)

Anyways, if you store is going to charge you more than $5 for these rings, buy an o-ring kit online. Not worth it to spend too much money. Tops $10, as sometimes I just need to have stuff immediately...

Yea, if there is a flat edge and lots of drag, even with lube, def times to replace the o-rings. Good luck!
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