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Originally Posted by TouchofGrey View Post
Ok, from 9 -10 pm Sat night it will be talk like a pirate hour 'round the campfire.

Not sure is there will be 'available' wenches though but feel free to bring what suits yah!
Will Trixie be there?

And lets make it be "sing like a pirate hour"~ I'm sure we all know the chorus to Drunken Sailor...And I can teach a few other very easy "sing-along" type chanties.
Plus I might leverage part of the crew to show up and help with that.

Originally Posted by Titus View Post
So as I read this to Amber, she looks at me, smiles and says : I'm going to be the only Fn wench there aren't I? LOL
Amber isn't a Wench, she's a pirate like the rest of us. She reminds me of Anne Bonny or Mary Reade (just without the cutlass).
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