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silly me (and I'd do better to read the op more carefully)

give him some more time. he's a really good guy, I've done business with him before and he always has come through. his shop is more like a hobby than anything approaching a money maker (similar to ASP and haveblue, but even more so). I mean, you can't have paid much for the switched, and even if it takes him a while because there's something else (more important/closer to home) going on, it's worth a wait to get the switches (and god forbid he's got to deal with something unsavory, a claim against him isn't going to make it come any faster)

give him a bit more time, and try and get in touch with him. after a couple months, if you hear nothing, file a claim.

once it took asp almost 2 months to get my (small) order shipped, but once I got it, it was worth the wait. plus I'm not on the guy's bad side (yet ...)
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