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Originally Posted by toymachine View Post
Sanchez machine -->Sanchez Machine Loaders & Hoppers

There a couple diff types of feed tubes like that, where you have a stick feed with a 90* adapter that fits into a normal vert feedtube (such as found on your blackmagic up there)

if I were you, I'd go to the hardware store and make me a homemade stock class feed with pvc.

what kind of threads (if any) are there on your feedtube? you could always have them trimmed down and add a clamping stye stock class feed (like pps makes). or tapped for ccm threads.

not to many stock class options for wgp threads (any?)
Thanks, did not realize they were 40.00, I'm not sure the thread size but sure it's standard wgp threads, whatever that may be...

May just make one out of copper or PVC.
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