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Their chais tend to be a bit sweet even for me- but they aren't coffee. (Not bad at all if you tell them to cut the sweetener stuff in half.)
Their apple stuff is awesome. Hot chocolate, especially the white one, is good.

I'm pretty fond of their Refreshers. They have a different type of caffeine in them though, from green coffee beans or something, so try a small one in advance to make sure it doesn't wind you up too badly. (I like their lime and hibiscus berry VIA mix in the water bottle powder stuff for work. It flavors double what it is made for, and keeps me going without a caffeine drop all day- even when I'm exhausted.) That said, I'd be careful if I drank one of those things in a limited amount of time.

The down side to all of this fancy-schmancy coffee stuff- it tends to be pretty fattening and unhealthy. Watch what you have and the frequency. Nothing wrong with just getting a bottle of water too.
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