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Sunday October 7th Splatterpark Big Game- Ohio

Anyone going?!! Welcome To SplatterPark!


Fall BIG GAME - Scenario / Timeline / Mission info / Map - Coming Soon...
Join over a thousand paintballers for a great day of fun and prizes! (rev: Fall 2012)

Welcome to the Big Game. We wish to offer you a safe, fun, and affordable playing environment. Big games at SplatterPark have many surprises that can thrill you or startle you, either way; the memories will stay with you forever! You will be participating in a 6-Ĺ hour continuous game, which will involve many facets other than what you are used to during recreational play! Due to the complexities of this game all players should read this page and become familiar with rules, the map, and the locations of specific areas of service. If you donít, you are at a disadvantage!
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