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CCM S6 trade for Mech Cocker


I'm putting up for trade (doesn't HAVE to go just seeing what kind of trade i can get for it) my CCM s6 pump. It used to serve as my killing tool while our pump team lasted and have used it in the woods a little more after that. but i was thinking i would like a mech cocker too, just can't afford to have three guns at the moment so one has to go. (need the other one to play airball)

Gun has some minor scratches on the side near the backblock but nothing extreme, overall i'd say it is in a 8 out of 10 condition, it is all original exept for the barrel wich is a CP one piece .685. i forgot to take a picture from the left side but it obviously has autotrigger.

I tuned it a while ago and it is shooting perfect and should not need any more tuning exept for adjusting the velocity.


Trading for: I'm looking for mechanical cocker trades (equal or you add a little if needed), haven't got any real preference other than it has to have a clamping feedneck that fits a Dye Rotor. otherwise im just curious to what you might have to trade it for.

Shipping is from the Netherlands to anywhere, send me a PM and i can check the shipping costs for you or we can work something out with an equal-trade

Thanks for looking!

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