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Originally Posted by cirkle68 View Post
Wawa is actually the fifth largest retailer of coffee in the united states and we only operate in 6 states with just shy of 600 locations.
Our coffee is the same stuff sb uses, we just dont use as much to brew a pot. We are also in the top ten privately owned companies to work for on the east coast. Great company.
Gas is fairly new to wawa, the company has been around as a dairy for over 100 years then mostly a deli, but we still produce our own dairy.
Our food is made by large companies like sarah lee and stouffers. This past summer my store tested personal pizzas, and they were made by uno's of chicago.
we have 8 flavors of coffee and 1 seasonal that changes every other month. the seasonal is usually a blend from the national rainforrest alliance, currently though it is pumpkin spice. We are also one of the only retailers that have kona coffee (only one I drink) kona is the only bean that is grown in the US, and grows in the lava fields of hawaii if I remember correctly.
Oh, okay. I just remember when I moved up to CT in '95 there was a WaWa down the road my dad bought a gallon of milk at. I guess looking back it wasn't a gas station but more of a convenience store.
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