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Originally Posted by Dr. PhunkyPants View Post
Don't buy Azodin.

I would also not buy a Carter. The issue is that most carters are stock you have to learn how to count shots, use ten round tubes, and wear a stock class harness...this is all a heck of a lot of new gear to buy if you're not 100% sure you like the play style. That $400 Carter becomes an $800 investment in a whole new kit.

Go find yourself a nice autococker with a CCM pump kit on it. These will run you 175 to 225 for a VERY nice one and you can use the same hopper, tank, and pods you use now.

Try open class first then...a year or two down the road, if you want to increase the challenge factor, go to stock class. Just my $0.02.
Carter doesn't just make stock class guns, they sell a "carter sniper." From what I understand it's just whatever body they have laying around, with a carter pump kit. There's also the carter goose that carter machine makes, pk5 sells some of the stuff carter has in stock in the dealers forum, there may or may not be any gooses left however.
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