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Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post
Awesome everyone!

I'm still around 188, which is a huge drop from where I started, and my waist is now under 32 inches. I'm skinny!

My muscles are really starting to show. I've always had big muscles from lifting, but always hidden under a layer of fat. Now everything is starting to show.

I'm on a strict 5 week diet now. Going to the Bahamas in 5 weeks. Gotta look the best I can look in these next few weeks.

Changed my workout to German Volume Training, which is a high intensity high rep lifting routine. Let me tell you, it kicks you in the ***. Hardest lifting routine I have ever done.

I'm also finally eating enough protein. I think it's making a difference.
How long does it take you to do the GVT workouts?

+1 for the higher protein intake, increasing the amount protein in my diet has help my progress immensely. So many people tend to overlook diet and focus too much on the lifting aspect. Lift all you want, but you won't maximize your gains without proper nutrition to build that muscle.
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