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Originally Posted by monty View Post
Cheap long johns (~10$) from Zellers work fine for me.
layers... Bring extra clothes so you can change at the end of the day. Your gonna sweat and once those layers get wet, you need to change...
These are the main reasons I suggest upgrading to "underarmor style" cold weather thermals and socks. I can ditch a layer, and it soesn';t matter how wet I get, I'm still warm. Usually don't realize how wet I am until I'm home.
To be fair, though I used old school long johns and extra clothes until my inlaws bought me the good stuff for xmas

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Originally Posted by tarakian View Post
Let that be a lesson to all you criminal types. Don't steal old and unique paintball gear. We are the market and we will find you.
Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
he doesn't manage a business, and he should have planned it out better or had some experience in what he was doing before taking pre-orders. the worst part is simply that he took the money and did not refund it... which is fraud.

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