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Originally Posted by LT. View Post
I would love some thing on the line of a Becker BK-2
If you want a KBar... buy it. You can get them from Amazon now for $64. You aren't going to find something similar in a custom made knife as the design is copyrighted. I've thought about doing something similar, but: 1. I don't have the equipment 2. Don't have the time 3. it would cost someone waaaay too much when compared to buying the KBar version. Even if a similar pattern was available, the blade alone would cost me at least $40. Add handle material and fasteners (they use a torx style which probably has a special nut hidden behind the scales) and sheath and you are at or over $100 for a very basic knife that I could do.... if the pattern was available. If it was something I had to cut, grind and heat treat it would be well over $200 for the knife.. probably closer to $300 once you include the custom sheath and duracoated blade.

As it is the few that I will probably sell that are using the USA made blades, I'll be working for peanuts on when you figure in my time. Just doing a 2x multiplier on materials doesn't pay me very much. But I'm doing a few to feel out the market and because I like making them.

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