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Sad Little 2k PPS Lori Blazer - $150


This gun has a long story. I first bought it off here for $400 knowing it had an LPR leak. The seller claimed it was an "easy" fix, but, it wasnt. Well, it would've been had the LPR valve core not been totally loc-tited. The thing would just not come out with a nickel or quarter, I even tried an oversized screwdriver.

Having exhausted all options, I resorted to the classic hammer and flathead and beat the thing loose little by little. The dings and scratches you see in the last pic are the sad aftermath.

I replaced the valvecore with a new valvecore and got the gun cycling and shooting perfectly for a while. I even used a blue sharpie on the scratches so it doesn't look like a complete disaster.

However, now, there's a leak coming from the ram. I know I'm an idiot so I won't even want to attempt fixing the leak. It still cycles and shoots, but I'm done with paintball and don't want to keep this anymore. I don't know how hard this will be to fix, that's why it's so cheap.

Take it off my hands for $150 shipped.
Comes exactly as pictured.

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