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Question CO2 Tank Hydrotest Question

Hello MCB...

I recently picked up a tank that was advertised as not requiring hydrotesting from a person who has a collection and knowledge of the sport that far surpasses my own.

However, when I measured the outer diameter of the tank with my calipers, it measured 2.3", which is over the 2"x2' rule.

I am wondering if any of the markings on the tank show exclusion from hydrotesing?

The markings are as follows:

Around the top of the tank...

T60082 DOT-3AL/TC-3ALM 1800 PSI/124 BAR M-9201
98/06 98 T 0.64 KG 22 OZ M O.98 KG 34 OZ

And around the bottom...

7081976 823 BSK H

The tank is raw aluminum that was spray-painted black. I removed the black paint. I believe it may be an old thermal tank, switched over to a standard "Repeater" push-pin valve, but I am not sure.

Any help would be appreciated greatly.
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