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Originally Posted by Murf425 View Post
What's everyone's beef with the KP? Mine was awesome while I had it. Shot darts, was light, simple, consistent, looked good, AMAZING pump stroke (once you take the o-rings off the guide idea why they were there)...

Please tell me you're not all just slamming it 'cause it's cheap.
no beef at all, when I read the previous post about taking one to a shop and the owner changed o-rings and regs then declared it "toast" I was a bit shocked/peeved. I don't think I'd go back to that shop, If the owner/techs only trouble shooting skills to fix a spyder based gun are to replace o-rings and regs...don't go there. It just needed a bit of love and attention from somebody who understood how it worked.

I've never used one but if the o-rings are the only thing really dragging on the pump stroke they are probably there to prevent the pump from cycling on it's own while you run.
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