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Originally Posted by S7G View Post
Looks like I go north for orientation on Thurs and then work on Friday.
I still have to get the roughly 5000 things together that I will need for the truck,
I am extremely happy to be getting paid twice what I would have been paid in the states for the same thing.
Now I wonder just how many miles I have to drive to bring my Palmer collection back up into the 20 range ;p
Reckon all I have to do now is learn to speak Canadian and drink good beer.

Say ,eh, a lot, eh.

Oh, and drink Elsinore beer too, eh.

One last thing, congrats,eh!
Originally Posted by Mstrtal View Post
Best time to take a dump is when on the phone with tech/ customer service.Also when they say something like "This call may be recorded. . . " I always tell them I hope so and proceed to enjoy my bowel movement.

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