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I play with RusskiX all the time and his camo is second to none when it comes to standing out a mile away! I still can't hit him but I can see him! He's just too damn skinny! LOL!!! Camo is very important at distance. But once you get into paintball engagement distance it is often compromised by movement and the fact the shape of the head is unnatural to its surroundings. Thats why when you break up the shape of a head with a gilly style head covering you see more success. The worst camo in the North East was ACU from the tests. It was best in a stand of Birch trees though. Vietnam tiger stripe and Multicam was the best when I did my tests a few years ago. I took as many camo's as I could find and hung them up in the woods and took pictures at 75 feet and the ACU seemed to glow with a little sun hitting it. Regular woodland was pretty good just seems to be too dark and blocky with the black if any sun hit it. The tiger stripe seemed to melt into the dark and was OK with some sun. The Multicam was the best all around of the group. Not as good in shadow as the Tiger stripe. But I will say some camo is better than none. And I would stay away from light colors. Feyd..........
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