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Camo can definetly help if you use it correctly. If your constantly moving and drawing attention and fighting it out with the other team, camo is inneffective IMO unless your opponents goggles are pretty fogged up. If you use the right camo for your terrain and use it properly by hiding, like camo was designed for, it can be deadly effective. Camo only works where there is heavy cover to blend into, many fields it is just not necessary.

I have worn some pretty minor camo and if you are quite still and avoid the telltale mask reflection that i am always looking for, and i have had people pass reasonably close by me and not notice. If their masks are fogging the least bit, it makes it much much more effective. i usually bring 5 or 6 good masks to the field with me and change them out as they get dirty and sweaty so i can see all day clearly and i have found it to be a great investment. It may cost a lot of time cleaning but if you can see perfectly all day, that to me is better than having the best possible marker for your particular needs and wants. You cant shoot what you cant see.

Being still man times can work just as well as good camo providing you have good cover to hide in. I primarily wear a black top, and AOP jersey long sleeve cotton shirt and some desert camo DBD pants, and most of the time a flashy mask, try to use cover as my camo and being silent and still when i need to be. I dont personally like to wear full camo because there is always a bunch of other people wearing it, and i find being a little flashy helps your team mates remember you and friendly fire drops 10x. Cover is my camo when i need it.
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