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The DYE patent only covered specific features of spool operation - the most important aspect of which is using the bolt as a spool valve shutoff for the incoming air to isolate the dump chamber. The stock Ions didn't/don't do this, and the Shocker didn't do this until the HE bolt. Lots of aftermarket Ion bolts do this, and some upgrade factory bolts as well I believe. I believe, however, that the enmey will have this feature.

But, the DYE patent may no longer matter (making their prior arrangements also not matter, regardless of which business made the agreement). When searching for some patent related information the other day, I found a part of the USPTO site that lets you check any patent that has not expired due to age, and it will give you its status due to payment or non-payment (abandonment). According to that, 5,613,483 - the patent for the Omega/Matrix - expired in 2009 due to non-payment. I'm trying to figure out if there were any others that are valid that may have been a direct result of that patent, but if not it may no longer be an issue.
patent is 5613483
application number is 08555625 (gotten from the cover sheet of the issued patent - the 08 is not shown on this and comes from a chart on the link above).

Select "get bibliographic data"

"Expired, No 12th year fee paid by: 03/25/2009"

Works on any patent that hasn't auto-expired due to age.

USPTO Assignments on the Web

That will let you check who the current holder of a patent is, as well as the previous holders. DYE acquired the Omega/Matrix patent on May 27, 2003.
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