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Virtue Tech class open to anyone

You get a certificate and everything. This is the first time I've ever heard of a company doing this for the general public paintballer. Then again I don't attend Mellinium or World Cup.

Virtue Paintball is announcing a series of training and certification classes on our products and technology. Anyone is permitted to take the training class, both dealers and players. For the benefits of certification, as well as an upcoming list of training courses, see the links below. More courses will be announced as our 2013 schedule is created.

Initially Virtue is offering classes for the Clock Chrono and Spire Loader. Classes are open to Dealers, Distributors, and Players. Slots are limited to 4 or 5 participants per time slot, so register now!

Upcoming Classes - Click for Details and Times

PSP World Cup
Millennium Paris World Cup
Asia World Cup

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