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I purchased a new Hybrid Bike yesterday.

In the last month I have started training in TKD. In that effort I have needed to strengthen my legs and get my breath behind me in stead of in front of me.

So, I tuned the 16 year old Trek 820 (with slicks) and started to ride. I was up to about a hour a day very soon and had ridden about 250 miles in 3 weeks. I was doing this to get in shape for my TKD training that I had begun with my family.

Anyway - all my components on my mountain bike were quite old and to upgrade them - even to today's entry level standards - would likely cost as much as a new bike. So - I did some research, realizing how limited use this bike would get (flat streets and trails - no jumping or hard use in terms of jumps and bumps) and realized I really only needed a Entry level fitness bike.

Enter the Trek 7.1. I picked it up Friday (After Haggling quite a few extra's from the shop) and gave it a shot.

I was not happy with the front crankset - as it was... well, bent. I brought it in to the shop and we tried to tune it and work on the crank set. No joy. The shop immediately robbed the upgraded crankset from the 7.2 and all my problems went away! I am pretty happy with this bike. It is nothing special - but I didn't need anything special. If you are looking for a fitness bike - give the Trek 7.1 - 7.3 series a try.

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