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It is very possible I am the person from PbN being referenced regarding the trigger pull. Yes, I shot one Thursday at GOG and couldn't short stroke it. Think about this from a field owners point of view: no more batteries to buy, no dwell to set, no boards to break/replace. The marker will handle very brittle paint and the accuracy is pretty decent for an entry level marker. It will shoot at a decent ROF. The one I shot used a Tippmann Triumph loader so yes, there is a battery in that. This marker will be upgradeable to an electro by changing the frame and some other components. Great for new players who want to upgrade at some point without buying a whole new marker. Typically the older style markers shot on CO2 had a problem with freeze-up of the valve during rapid strings of fire. That will not occur with marker. Most fields have moved away from CO2 so you may feel this is not an issue. However, not everyone can afford all the necessary components associated with HPA and transportability of such equipment to the "woods" can be an issue. Let's let the market/players decide if this is going to work out. At $129.00 it can't be all bad. If you are really curious, stop by the GOG shooting/vendor booth at WC.
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