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My grand entrance!

Hey everyone it's Ryan. I'm posting my first thread here on the team page. I want to thank everyone who I talked to. I'm sorry I couldn't stay for longer and set up the field; my wife got horribly sick and needed me to run back and take care of her.

Later today, (hopefully), I will put together the doc for the halloween party/zombie fest. With a few tweaks, I think we can have a lot of fun, and have a huge turnout. Hell, it's a halloween party with zombo shooting.... who wouldn't come!

There are a few things I need from the team:

1- How big can we make this party?

2- How much notice should we give, (I would LOVE to have an actual "halloween" party, but it's on a wednesday.... so I think we may need to hold off until the weekend).

3- How many peeps can we get to help set this up? I would speculate we need a team of at least 3-4 people on stand duty, (1-2 at a time peeps to run the merc store who can fill tanks and sell/rent equipment), and a team of 10-12 players to be mercs (people who help run the event). Mercs will be able to play and get special perks.

As I told Kev, this will be a partial-pay event with it's own money system. This will allow me to invest money into buying the necessary equipment for awesome objectives, and MAYBE rent a vehicle/van for objectives. I will be posting a special thread about it when I post the game document later today.

Oh, and thanks for showing me the field. It looks like tons of fun. Expect me to be a regular!
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