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well steen, what do you want? sometimes stepping away can be a good thing. whether its a month or a year, just unpluging so to speak can reaffirm what you like or dislike about paintball. hell, having one gun working but also having one or two projects can settle both down.

only you know the right answer. if you step away and find something new, then its all good. paintball isn't for everyone. for every hobby, there are loads that tried it, got into it but then after a couple years, lost interest. craigslist is full of that. its all a matter of what you want and you would like. gas powered remote cars have the tinker ability as well as RC planes and boats. you don't get the rush of shooting someone but the customization is huge.

so don't feel bad. just go forward and don't look back if paintball looses to something else.
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