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Originally Posted by sclogger View Post
So I tore my DSG down for the first time today after play, and a great day of play it was but I had some issues. I got a leak coming from the underside of the body, screw/part number 3. Looked like there was some sealant on this screw when I removed it. I put some teflon tape on it and it help but didn't quite seal it. Just reapply and run another 12 gram thrugh it?

Also, this piece that looks like a washer? I assume that went between the valve spring and the cup seal? Missed where it came off when taking it apart.
If its the small set screw towards the side it gets red loctite. if its the large one innthe center it takes blue just to keep it from backing out. if the center one is leaking its an oring on the valve body

The washer does indeed go between the valve stem and spring.
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