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lemmings following lemmings.

SP brought out the ion and it got fire power in the hands of everyone. now, everyone has an ion or an electro, so what is the ex-SP going to do. they do listen to the market place and there is a mech vacuum. the mech ion has grown to be viable. since the various parts were probably made close to a million, for the ion, why not rebadge, rework them so that people that can easily recreate it probably for less than it would to buy this, and fools are parting with there money.

sure, single trigger is new, but what else? i don't care what the patents say, if you wanted a mech, there are plenty of Mags and cockers out there, if spyders and tippmanns are your thing. what more can you want for a mech? i bought my mag new in 99 and other than changing out the bolt for a L10(which is tested and proven anti-chop bolt), dropping some oil in it last year, it hasn't failed me.

SP has never done anything other telling you what the new thing is for you to buy. porting give better accuracy. closed bolt makes your shot go farther. turbo isn't cheating, its a loop hole in the rules. our guns aren't better than anyone, but we can sue people that are smaller and strong arm our way to a bigger market share.

why are people blinded by obvious truths?
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