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Many thanks to all who made the trip for the camp out, and to our 10th anniversary game. It was great to hang with such a great group of players!

Thankfully Mother Nature gave us a pass for the camp out, but not so for the game. As they say... a half day of paintball is better than none. For the most part the rain was pretty light, and had we played on, I doubt it would have affected us as the tree cover is pretty thick. By the time I left at 3pm, the rain had completely stopped. It was all good either way.

If anyone has any pics, please post them up - thanks!

A note about Strategy Plus and their fields...
First, the management made it clear that they wanted to renegotiate our deal with them. The bottom line is that they feel we're getting too big of a discount for the event with the camp out, BYOP and two judges, so we'll be looking at the price going up in 2013. We'll do our best to keep it as reasonable as possible. If we can't, then we'll search out another field who will work with us.

If we can work with Strategy, then we'll also spell out exactly how we want our games to be set up (which fields we want to use, specific play rules, number of refs, etc.) I'm sure it will all be good.

I'll create a new thread in this forum early in the new year letting everyone know what we've worked out.

Thanks again,
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