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Great story Melvin!

Originally Posted by Melvin View Post
I've lived with some hard core larpers, it was interesting to say the least. For the spears, it only needs to be something to make them more dense. You could ramrod old newspaper in there and it would do the same thing. While never acually larping, I built an arsenal of boffer weapons for friends and people I've never even me before just because I'm "good with building stuff" (not my quote) I've done wood-core and non based on a groups preference, have all sorts of tricks if you wanna use 'em just pm me. As for the wizard, try to get two so the teams are balanced with a mage each. (as they tend to be harder to kill with those protection spells )
What a funny living situation, I love that they drafted you in as a duct tape black smith. Really funny being a normal guy and being dubbed: "the good with building stuff guy". hey some of us are just creative and skilled and we can apply that to whatever. you sound like your a really funny person. i will try stuffing it with news paper for sure. it's good to get some tips from an ol' weapon maker haha.

good call on sharing the wizard beards and star hats. haha yeah good forbid one cast circle of protection: paintballs.
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