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j&j, whoosh ul, stiffi, kaner, pre99 frontblock and flex

I have up for sale is a few items i have that i dont use.

I have a good pair of back up flex's. thicker ans soft ears, double strapped using KM camo straps. foam is in excellent condition. lens are 8/10.

Next up is a Stiffi MF in cocker thread. .679 bore. Great condition. really never used this barrel. SOLD!!!!!!

I have a J&J two piece 14inch cocker threaded barrel. two bores are .679 and .676. Barrel is in great condition. minor marks on exterior of barrel. SOLD!!!

Brand new ul dust. 680 back cocker.. new

I have a carter whoosh tip in UL threading. good condition. minor anno fading..

I have a 14 inch .689 kaner in gloss black. The barrel is near mint.

DYE ul in SFT shocker threading. Gloss black. great condition. 684 bore.

I have a front block from a Pre 99 autococker. In working condition. Missing cocking rod.

Pricing is OBO...

Stiffi MF - SOLD
Kaner - $25 Shipped
Whoosh - SOLD
Flex - $25 Shipped
DYE UL - $10 Shipped
Front block - $35 Shipped
Dye ul. 680 - SOLD.

Pics of front block and kaner will be avaliable tomororw.

play pump.......
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