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I play in the winter primarily... The more snow the better. AND my guys use Co2 primarily...

We have found Tippmann's to be the best. I use an A-5 and put silicone o-rings in it. And a remote line helps a ton, but you have to keep everything warm and air it up while it is warm so the o-rings expand before they get cold...

I carry a cooler with all of my paint/and extra Co2 tanks (you only get about HALF the number of shots out of a Co2 tank when it is well below freezing, and if you fire a ton, you will have issues. I put a heat source in my cooler to keep it all warm. And I change out between games my paint. And when my Co2 gets weird, I change it out too. (I carry a spare 9 in case it freezes up on me during a game. The old skinny ones fit in your pod carrier

Biggest thing you need to do is lower your fps. I run about 240fps when it is in the teens.

Playing in the cold is super fun, and I have tons of videos on my channel doing so.

I wear the same clothes and my rocky boots with wool socks.
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