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Originally Posted by ta2maki View Post
Isn't that patent invalid or something? I remember hearing some other company (PTP?) had a similar patent and Colin decided to drop the hAir because he didnt want to get involved in the mess.
That was my first impression when I saw the design.

Someone patented the design for a "pneumatic trigger" about 8 years or so ago, and was actively using it to prevent guns from having a similar trigger, without paying royalities.

It seemed absurd at the time since lots of guns in the 90s had pneumatic triggers, the Vector being the best example.

In fact, there was a mech with a pneumatic trigger that was supposed to come out 5 years or so ago? They ran into patent trouble, and have to revise the design so that it used 2 seperate rams, with 2 seperate switches, making the design so complicated and "buggy" that the project was dumped after much hype?

GOG/SP is not stupid. Either they bought the patent, or it expired. (or blackmail, backdoor, theft, etc)

"the evidence strongly suggests that neither Billy nor Adam (Smart Parts) could have invented the electronic paintgun" -Garr M. King, U.S. Judge
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