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Originally Posted by dukie View Post
Im sort of interested. brighter pics and more details other than its pneumatic and awesome would certainly help.

What is it made of?
Are the uppers and lowers of the same material?

The body and frame are the same material on all GOG guns except the eXTCy, since this is designed to be entry-level I feel safe saying it will be polymer body and frame, with an aluminum breech tube inside the body.

Are the uppers and lowers the same color?

Frames only come in black, bodies are rumored to being offered in different color options, normally grips and reg covers are color-accented to match BUT I can't be positive that'll be the case for this.

Does it come with a barrel?

Any gun GOG sells is going to come with everything it needs to fire save a hopper and an air source.

Is it ion threaded? (or imp threaded? i have no experience with sp threading)

Ion/Impulse/SP threading are all different names for the same thing. Every gun SP/GOG has made since the ION and Shocker NXT has used the same threads

Externally adjustabel reg?

Yep, allen screw on the bottom

Non adjustable/factory preset reg?


Is there a purging on/off or just a safety switch?

Can't speak for the safety but the ASA appears to be basic, non-on/off style

Lever lock feedneck or just allen screw clamping?

My bet would be no lever lock, though aftermarket lever feednecks for eNVy(same body) are available through Trinity.

Bolt out the back?


Toolless basic maintenance? (ie just to pop the bolt between games to squeegie between games, not a complete teardown)

Not tooless, but the backcap uses a large allen key and removes quickly. Only thing about running a squeegee down it between games is you may remove the lube from the can o-rings. I've been using markers with this bolt engine for years and never needed to clean the breech more than before/after a day of play.

C02/hpa/doesnt matter?

Everything I've heard so far says CO2 compatible


No clue on exact weight but it will probably be very light with the polymer body and frame

Im interested in this for my sons first marker. he has just turned 10. weigt, ease of maintenace, get ready time are important when i have to worry about 2of us. lack of adjustment and easy assembly are also plusses. hes is like me, he WILL take it apart lol.

Answered as much as I dare to in red. I'm sure if I'm way off on any count the boys from Delta will be happy to correct me.
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