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Originally Posted by DocsMachine View Post
-Wouldn't matter, since in the case of a patent violation, they could block importation of the markers into the US.

Somebody earlier mentioned the idea that GOG developed this in order to use their existing tech (the Ion design) but not to have to pay royalties on their own electronic marker patent.

I would not be the least surprised if this was, in fact, the truth, but that doesn't take in account the spool valve patent. As I understand it, SP had to license the spool valve tech from DYE, who either patented it or bought the patent back in the early Matrix days.

Again as I understand it (and I'd love to hear more info if you have it) that SP and DYE worked out a deal so both parties could use each other's tech. If that's true, naturally any agreement dissolved along with SP themselves, but that wouldn't leave GOG free and clear to start making spoolvalves again- regardless of where their factory or offices are located.

Of course, it might be that GOG is licensing the spoolers, but going mech in order to keep from having to also license the E-gun tech.

All idle speculation, of course. Any other info?

Thanks Doc for a very succinct statement on this issue. Also let me say THANKS!!!!!!! for your comics. I have sat down and read every one of them and it is a pleasure to see someone making comics about paintball and making me laugh so hard about having to be an airsmith. From one cocker freak to another SALUTE!! Keep it up! The case o dew will be in the mail shortly as soon as i save up enough money to ship that many gallons to you. But it is fresh from the reactor. lol

Back to subject. I own an ION and an SP1 and i like them because of the way they shoot and they are fun to tinker with and mod out. This may well be an ok marker for the price. I hope so. But to agree with DOC i dont give two good damns for the gardners and their patent war starting company. If it wasnt for them we could still probably get cockers and mags and all kindsa upgrades etc. I WISH they still made an emag cause i WOULD own one. I agree that they are definitely filling the void with this but as far as the back to topic posts above sorry this is part of the topic when it comes to GOG. YODA!!!!!!! You should have thrown out a patent on your kits man!!!!!!! You would have been in there!

I DO hope this marker is definitely recieved well as far as being a entry level, easy to work on, mech marker. I look forward to the reviews when some of you guys get it in your grubby lil paws.


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