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Originally Posted by Bloop View Post
I found an orange grenade mod last night....9000x10..I think it might even spawn another ten after that...or its just the blast radius. AND it's a longbow. I got it when I killed bewm...on a side note,

LIGHT THE FUSES B!TCHES!!! <-----Best line in borderlands
Yeah that is the legendary grenade, my roommate and I have similar ones, but I just got one from Wilhelm that is 12k x 10, It is legit. Got a good sniper in a friends game but it was lvl50 so I gave it to him, 17k damage.. oh well ,I'll stick with my lowly 6k.. Hes got a rocket launcher that does like 43k damage and mine is 16985 x 3 and it only costs 1 rocket, Just like in the original.

Have you guys seen that ridiculous shotgun that side swipes enemys? Some guy in our game had it and killed Terramorphous in like 1 minute..
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