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Originally Posted by Luckless View Post
Many island drivers still come to a full stop in merge lanes... And drivers on the bypass stop to let them in.

And I really don't understand why the PEI government is now so fixated on changing all intersections into round-abouts when so many drivers are still baffled by things like merge lanes, traffic lights, stop signs, cross walks, and even side walks. Most at least seem to understand the one way streets, but there is the odd one that still struggles with the concept.

(Yes, my faith in humanity is such that I look both ways before crossing one way streets. And it has saved my life more than once.)

Same here, I think it's the same as it is here. I have people stopping in middle of highways to let people merge it's crazy!

And round-abouts are happening here everyday. A place called sackvile just built about 7 of them... As a merger onto high ways! There will be so many accidents to come.

No faith in humans at all.
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