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Had a great time as usual. Grand time around the campfire and the feast and beverages weren't half bad either. Big shout out to Feyd for providing transportation, food, furniture and entertainment. And to Slim for continuing to put this event together.

Would gladly pay $25 or $30 to keep attending this event. Would like to have played more games on the fields we enjoy, but that is something we can work on for next time.

Two comments on refs:
1. One of them seemed to be making some effort - he paint checked another player and then myself when I asked him to. The other ref I only saw sitting on a rock.
2. Rather than trying to run the games efficiently, I felt they were trying to appease us, defer to us and pretty much went along for the ride. While this was pleasant, it didn't keep things moving. And part of the blame for that falls on us as well. A lot of time standing around, waiting for players to get to the field or to get back from reloading paint.

My suggestions for future TAC events is to police ourselves a little better in terms of getting ready to play and charge the refs to keep us moving. It is stock class, so we need a little time between fields to load up paint, but once we head out we should get things rolling. If someone can't make the field before the game starts, they jump in the next game. No biggie.
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